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 The agrifood industry plays an important role in the Portuguese economy.



This industry is responsible for about 16% of the Portuguese industry's total revenue, with a turnover of 10.5 million euros. This sector is characterized by the dispersion and dilution of its companies, but a significant share of its production is concentrated in a small number of units.

After Portugal's entry into the European Union, the Agrifood industry, which was under market protection until then, became vulnerable to new rules. We went from a steady industry to an industry in constant change, leading to the development of a new market dynamics. This scenario led the development of a better adjustment capacity of the current functional models, and compelled the companies to develop their initiative and innovation competences, in order to meet customer requirements.

Leadership Business Consulting has assisted a number of companies within the agrifood industry. We focus, particularly, on Portuguese wine and the winegrowing industry, an industry with potential that can achieve an important positioning in national and external markets, while guaranteeing the balance of external debt and motivating complementary industries.

ILeadership has been collaborating with public and private entities in the design and development of regional strategies aiming at a better positioning in both national and international markets, and in the implementation of structural actions to improve their operational efficiency (joint-purchasing, evaluation and performance compensation system, salary alignment, capital structure, among others).