Real Estate

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The Real Estate industry, comprising mainly activitiesof real estate promotion & development, and construction, is seen as a very dynamic industry,as it involves significant investments and stimulates other financial, tourism and leisure associated sectors. It also plays a relevant role in promoting regional economic development, being its articulation with Local Administration considered of key importance.

Although in the last three years there has been a decline in construction activity, this industry is considered to be one of the most important in job creation (10.8% and 11.7 % of total employment in Portugal and Spain, respectively). As for the Real Estate market, it remains quite active and with potential to grow.

In such a dynamic industry, where time-to-market is critical, both strategic positioning and differentiation are key competitive factors. Leadership Business Consulting has assisted both private and public Real Estate companies in the development of their Business and Strategic Plans (including internationalization strategies), promotion of public-private partnerships, namely through the incorporation of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), definition of information systems and strategies and staff reorganization.