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Financial Services

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The financial services industry essentially comprises the banking and insurance sectors.


This sector is of key importance to the country’s economy, given its capacity to generate employment and wealth and via the support provided to companies in the various development stages of their business.

New client needs, their level of sophistication and technological advances have brought major changes to this industry in the last years.  No other sector has been so thoroughly affected by the phenomenon of globalization and the free movement of people and goods.

The challenges posed to financial managers imply paying close attention to new client needs (launching of new electronic channels and services, cross-selling of products and services, maximizing share of wallet, delivering customized solutions to meet specific client requirements - marketing one-to-one, among others) while also keeping track of competitors’ moves (strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, business internationalization, among others).

Leadership Business Consulting has been assisting major players in the financial services industry in developing strategies to increase shareholder profitability, with cost reduction programs, client segmentation strategies, increasing cross selling potential, leadership development programs, performance evaluation system development, and incentives to commercial networks, among others.

In this industry, to work well is also to work fast. In a dynamic market such as this one, time-to-market is of critical importance as opportunities are scarce and the time for implementation is limited.