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Telecommunications and Media

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The Telecommunications and Media industries are of key importance to worldwide economy and to the Portuguese economy. They contribute significantly to the development and success of all organizations that use telecommunications in their daily business operations. Unprecedented changes are underway as a result of accelerated advances in technology.

After a period of euphoria, the vast majority of telecommunications and media businesses are confronted, among others, with a complex competitive environment and with delays in the development of innovative technologies.

New challenges constantly emerge in this industry, which force managers to adjust business development mechanisms. This involves using network technologies, like Voice over IP, strategic sharing of infrastructure, creating new content supported by innovative applications (content providers and telecom partnerships), developing digital business models (e-commerce and e-services), and keeping track of competitors’ moves (strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, business internationalization, among others).

Additionally, and considering the current competitive environment, the Telecom regulator is faced with a series of challenges, namely promoting effective competition in fixed telephony among various operators, granting quality of service delivery, granting the access of all operators to the telecommunications basic network, among others.

Leadership Business Consulting has been assisting major players in this industry, including regulators, in the development of strategies leading to the implementation of effective regulation, while also aiming to increase shareholder profitability, through new product development, cost reduction programs, infrastructure optimization, among others.