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Transportation has a major impact on the development of the companies’ economic activities and on the quality of life of citizens, particularly in large urban areas.



Even if traditionally seen as a strategic sector with strong public influence, limited efficiency and sub-financing leading to high deficits, and with a strong weight of incumbent public operators, this industry is undergoing gradual transformation. The rail mode is a paradigm of this transformation. Changes have taken place essentially in response to EU directives and the need to increase competitiveness vis-a-vis other transport modes.

Leadership Business Consulting has implemented a number of specific solutions within the rail industry, in order to modernize the railway transport, increase its efficiency, develop management standards and improve the overall sector’s performance.  By way of example, we highlight the recent adjustments made with regard to the 2005 Tariff and Performance Regulation issued by the regulatory authority and critical to the calculation of the Rail Infrastructure Charge Rates and Regulation Accounts by the railway infrastructure manager.

As for the airport industry, constant efforts are required to attain levels of competitiveness allowing for success to be achieved in a very aggressive market. We have participated in the definition of a quality management and continuous quality improvement system for an airport service operator.

The transportation industry, as a whole, has adopted a customer-driven approach, both by improving the logistics chain efficiency on the business side, and by increasing the mobility and flexibility on the user side.

In structural terms, major efforts are being made on the part of the transport industry’s agents towards the definition and contractualization of public services, transportation system’s intermodality, and integrated planning, via, for example, the creation of the so-called Metropolitan Transport Authorities, which have become common across Europe.

Leadership Business Consulting has assisted this industry in improving the profitability of transport and increasing the quality of supply, for example, in the study developed on telecommunications and client information systems.