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Tourism is presently considered one of the most dynamic industries worldwide, in its various related activity sectors (hotels, aviation, airports, tourism operators, etc.), both in terms of investment volumes and consumption massification. However, the industry’s dynamics has been strongly conditioned by the recent phenomena associated with terrorism, seen all over the world, and which, to a larger or lesser extent, affect people of this industry.

At national level, the growing number of tourists and the industry’s strategic importance, embodied by the increase of revenues, number of jobs created and the multiplying effects on various areas, have led economic agents to adopt a series of new dynamic measures, particularly on the supply side.

The growing number of travel destinations and companies seeking to compete in issuing markets, the higher levels of quality demand from potential tourists and travellers, the ease of access to a large amount of available tourism information, and the sophisticated new promotion, commercialization and direct-to-consumer distribution models, are some of the factors that determine new and ever demanding challenges posed to governments, public entities, and tourism industry’s companies all over the world. 

Leadership Business Consulting has assisted various Tourism industry’s organizations in the development of Business Plans and organizational change programs to increase their efficiency and profitability. It has also delivered consultancy services to a number of hotel units in the development of quality management and integrated management systems, covering the quality, safety, environment and food security related areas.