Public Administration

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Given its “representativeness” in terms of job generation, absorption of financial resources, and its interventive role in society at large, the Public Administration sector (comprising Central and Local Administration and Public Institutions and Agencies) is considered critical to the development of the national economy and to improving the country’s competitiveness.

It is urgent to modernize the Public Administration sector, giving it a new dynamism and greater responsiveness. To make these objectives real, a set of actions are required, namely: system restructuring (by harnessing synergies through the creation of shared service units and making organizations more horizontal), do away with the bureaucracy of processes (by adopting simplified procedures and using new information technologies and systems), promotion of a culture of service excellence (by adopting a results-oriented, customer/citizen-focused service delivery approach).

To pursue such objectives, Public Administration has been following the Public Admisnitration Sector reform and developing various initiatives. Leadership has participated in various projects, which include, among others, organizational change, leadership development programs, public purchases and e-procurement, cost reduction programs, process optimization, performance monitoring systems and digital cities and regions.

Given its solid experience in these areas, Leadership Business Consulting’s contribution with regard to administrative modernization initiatives, particularly those concerning Information Society and Electronic Government, extends beyond the national context, being also present in the Portuguese-Speaking African Countries (PALOP), where it has participated in some large-sized projects.