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Operations and Performance

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Corporate competitiveness entails an objective business efficiency orientation and a pro-active attitude when measuring business performance.

Leadership has an integrated perspective over process optimization and continuous business improvement: by promoting operational efficiency with Business Process Management solutions; by updating the business logistics function with strategic sourcing and supply management approaches; by introducing excellence and innovative quality concepts; and by combining the results generated by monitoring systems, capable of ensuring an effective performance management that supports decision-making.

Performance Management

  1. Global Monitoring Systems (BSC, SIADAP and Activity Planning Systems, Anti-Corruption)
  2. Procurement ScoreCard (procurement and supplier evaluation)
  3. Customer satisfaction appraisal
  4. Sustainability ScoreCard (SSC) – Integrated Monitoring System

 Operational Efficiency 

  1. Business Process Optimization and Re-design (Interactive Manuals, ...)
  2. PRICE (Cost Reduction)
  3. Shared Services
  4. Corruption Prevention Plans
  5. Lean Management

Strategic Sourcing and Supply Management

  1. Strategic Sourcing
  2. Function Structuring
  3. Procurement
  4. Procurement Outsourcing and Centralized Units

Innovative Quality

  1. Quality Management Systems Enhancement
  2. Integrated Management Systems (Qual, Amb, H&S, RS e HACCP)
  3. CAF (avaliação e implementação)
  4. EFQM (avaliação e implementação)