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No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be organized in such a way as to be able to get along under a leadership composed of average human beings.

Peter Drucker

The sucess of any business model is strongly related to the organizational design which supports its activities.

In the Organization and Change Management area, Leadership provides innovative services that take into account all of the different business dimensions, as to guarantee a coherent and effective alignment for achieving corporate results.

Leadership’s differentiating position statement lies on the principle that the organization is not in itself the end. It is a means of putting a company’s strategy and business model to work. This requires the proper alignment of people, processes and technologies and  the company’s culture, mission and business vision.

In this area, Leadership offers a wide range of services and has proven experience in several industries, which is the result of the wide number of projects it has already done.

At Leadership, we believe that there are no pre-established models (one size fits all). Instead, there are positive experiences and best-practices, which must be customized to fit the specific needs and particular aspects of each company and project.


Leadership’s approach is action and results oriented, creating a fast changing dynamic, energizing the company, and generating short term results.


Services offered: