Incentives and Support - QREN projects

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"The National Strategic Reference Framework’s (QREN) main strategic aim is the Portuguese population’s qualification. It values knowledge, science, technology and innovation and the promotion of high and sustained levels of economic and socio-cultural development and territorial qualification. It is a framework that develops equal opportunities and increases public institutions’ efficiency and quality."  -

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List of Projects approved by management authorities – QREN incentive system

Project name: Power Engine

Leadership Business Consulting developed a "Competitive Talent Management Information System " designated "Leadership Engine Power". This system focuses on competences and leadership systems/strategies, which we believe are core elements of talent management and organizations’ long-term competitiveness.


  1. Automatic leader evaluation and development, based on the performance levels the company requires;
  2. Computerizing activities as to ensure a continuous application in the organizations. The system will be developed in different units that will interact with each other, making the product a leadership model.

Funding Program: I&DT Companies/ Individual Projects

Investment: 379.214,42€

Incentive: 177.258,92€

Starting and Ending Dates: 01/12/2009 and 31/03/2012

Project Name: Sustainability Scorecard

This project consists on developing a solution called “Sustainability Scorecard” based on a shared value concept. This solution allows automatic value creation by developing sustainable organizations. This tool will operate in 3 areas (Economical, Environmental and Social) and in 11 dimensions (Financial, Markets, Operations, Resources, Society, Clients, Partners, Employees, Impact, Innovation and Education).


  1. Being an innovative mechanism implementation system that monitors the company’s sustainable performance and that is focused on achieving business results quickly;
  2. Being based on a trendy cloud computing (anytime, anywhere) technological platform, especially for mobile devices that includes a set of new technological concepts that will allow leverage and maximize their results.

Funding Program: I&DT Companies/ Individual projects

Investment: 553.569,90€

Incentive: 408.855€

Starting and Ending Dates: 30/10/2011 and 30/09/2013

Project Name: LBC’s Qualification and internationalization incentive system

This project was developed to strengthen LBC’s internationalization and, consequently, achieve the goal of being the biggest management consulting company in Portugal and an International Player. Internationalization is key to notoriety and recognition within the market the business has estabilished itself in. It is also important for the company’s viability and sustainability. With this project, we hope that LBC confirms its international reputation skill centre, with the know-how that makes it a competitive business.


  1. Strengthen the markets we already work in, by taking and opening market opportunities;
  2. Based on successful international market expansion experiences, continue with geographical market diversification, in the following areas: 
    • International Expansion to CPLP;
    • Stronger presence in Africa, especially in South Africa;
    • Provide Leadership with a European Dimension;
    • Countries interested in ICT skills as part of education.

Funding Program : SMEs SI Qualification/ Individual and Cooperative Projects

Investment: 452.617,76€

Incentive: 203.677,99€

Starting and Ending Dates: 26/01/2011 and 25/07/2013

Project name: LBC’s Qualification and internationalization incentive system


Motivated by the international success, by wanting to become an International Player by 2015, by providing consulting services in 12 markets and having 75% of international turnover, LBC hopes to strengthen its presence it the countries it already operates in and expand their business to other countries.


  1. Strength their international presence in Spain, Angola, Cape Verde, USA, Mozambique and South Africa;
  2. Expand to other African countries Botswana, Namibia, Equatorial Guinea e São Tomé e Príncipe;
  3. Expand to other continents: South America (Brazil and Ecuador) and Asia (United Arab Emirates and East Timor).

Funding Program: SMEs SI Qualification/ Individual and Cooperative Projects

Investment: 415.355€

Incentive: 186.910€

Starting and Ending Dates: 01/10/2012 and 30/09/2014


Project name: LBT’s Qualification and internationalization incentive system


The project aims to boost LBT’s growth by making it international. For this purpose investments regarding Quality, Trademark Registration and Internationalization should be made. Investing in these areas will allow a sustainable and competitive expansion.


  1. Implementing and acquiring Quality Management System certifications;
  2. Registration of an Institutional Brand by September 2010;
  3. Registration of DELPHOS Enterprise Performance Manager as a product brand by September 2010;
  4. Entering the Angolan, Spanish, Mozambique and American markets;

Funding Program: SMEs SI Qualification/ Individual and Cooperative Projects

Investment: 253.150,32€

Incentive: 113.918€

Starting and Ending Dates: 01/07/2010 and 30/06/2013

Project name: LBT’s Qualification and internationalization incentive system


This project will strengthen the company’s internationalization, in a total of 14 markets including new and old markets. It will also allow LBT to exports to eight new countries, with good business opportunities in different sectors, mainly in the energy, Public Administration, Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship sectors.


  1. Developing an institutional website for LBT, S.A;
  2. Working in new markets: Brazil, Namibia, Colombia, Botswana and São Tomé e Príncipe;
  3. Strengthen their activity in South Africa, Spain, USA and Mozambique.

Funding Program: SMEs SI Qualification/ Individual and Cooperative Projects

Investment: 277.852,52€

Incentive: 139.644€

Starting and Ending Dates: 01/07/2013 and 30/06/2015