What we offer

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Considering our trainer-consultant duality, we have the ability to provide a broader offering that can satisfy the entire training management cycle and each clients' specifics.  

Academies and a Strategic Skills Development Plan


Training and Skills Development


Preparation and Knowledge Sharing

  • We build Training Academies for our clients, according to their goals and needs
  • We develop Skill Development Plans (Training Plans), based on the real training needs  that correspond to behavioral issues, management and / or techniques that can reduce or eliminate the gap between the existing competencies of the organization / individual and capable of meeting the challenges of the organization / strategic goal
  • We develop Intra-company Training Programs and Benchmarks with on site visits - made to measure training programs which are fully customized to meet real needs and goals
  • We produce Inter-company training initiatives – we promote Practical Courses for Executives and Middle Management
  • E-learning, Webinars and Events - we provide public training, based on innovative initiatives and events

Years of knowledge and experience permit us to develop fully customized Interactive Thematic Guides,which are available to our clients via Internet, thus being completely accessible to the organization divulging concepts, methodologies and tools

  • Better strategies, policies and goals implementation for the company
  • Immediate gains and defined results 
  • Applying learnt techniques and tools in day-to-day- practices