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The Marketing and Sales area aim is to supply customers with the most adequate products and services and turning the companies and organization’s activities into revenues and effective profits margins. We achieve this by focusing on the satisfaction of customer needs and its impact on the companies’ internal processes.

The level of competitiveness between companies has been growing exponentially whilst markets have become stagnant and increasingly global. In this hypercompetitive environment, there is a greater need to anticipate competitor’s moves, maintain current customers and identify new unfulfilled market opportunities.

Nowadays, the Sales area is one of the areas with a greater value creation potential, by for example, identifying an additional need a product or service may fulfil. However, it also has a great potential for destroying value as lost sales are not shown in the Profit and Loss Account.

Market Research
Salesforce Networking
Sales Techniques
Marketing Strategy/ Positioning
Sales Channel Management
Marketing Organization/ Alignment
Marketing Efficiency/ Resource Optimization